Spring Tablescape

Tablescaping…what is it? The term tablescape, (meaning everything you put on a table) became a part of the Oxford American dictionary (with quiet entrance) in 1991. Back then the only people talking about tablescapes were wedding planners and designers. Within the last few years, the art of decorating a table has hit  mainstream. References to tablescaping  are popping up everywhere.

We now have a plethera of cooking shows, magazines and cookbooks to inspire creativity in the kitchen. Cooking and food have never been more popular.  As more and more of us look for money saving alternatives to going out to dinner, entertaining at home has become an attractive opportunity.

Part of the enjoyment of going out to dinner is the atmosphere. Restaurants work with stylists to create just the right feel for their menu.  With a little bit of thought and planning, you can do the same thing at home on your table without spending a lot of money. You don’t have to have formal china to dress your table, and you don’t need to invest in several dish styles…spare yourself the expense and the storage space! Begin with finding a  set of white dishes.  You can find white plates that fall within your price range just about everywhere (even at your local dollar store). Food looks fantastic on a white canvas, so why not begin there, and add other elements to the table to add interest.  Think about your menu when creating your tablescape. Is your menu themed or regional?  Whether you want to create a sophisticated look, or casual and festive, your choice of color, texture and  pattern all work together to create a mood.   The possibilities are endless. Pull elements from the season, cuisine, and even the personalities of your friends that will be a part of your evening. Look for elements such as placemats and candleholders with versatility that may be mixed and matched in other tablescapes  down the road.  Just by adding a few decorative accents such as changing the fold of a simple white napkin,  or adding fresh herbs clipped from your garden,  you will create a look that transforms your table into something special.  Tablescaping allows you to express your creativity and lets your style shine through. Your guests will appreciate what you’ve done to create an ambiance for an evening enjoyed at home with friends.

Here’s a great link to a website on napkin folding:


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