Entertaining in the Kitchen–The Portable Beverage Center

Effortless entertaining; isn’t that the goal we are all after when hosting friends for an evening in our home?

Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking, tucked away from guests and all of the fun? Not me…and I feel the same way when it comes to mixing up cocktails.

What I like to do, is designate one special drink (like the grapefruit martini I will share with you on Friday) and get everything set up for a make-your-own cocktail station, complete with  an instructional step-by-step recipe card that gets my guests involved and frees up my time for visiting.   This mini-bar usually ends up on my kitchen counter, and can tend to become a congested area.

Today I’m excited to introduce you to  Richmond based interior designer Kathy Corbet, who knows a thing or two about design, and has some fantastic ideas for us when it comes to managing the  drink service dilemma.

Thanks for the help, Kathy!

Entertaining In the Kitchen–The Portable Beverage Center

Kathy Corbet

Pleasant conversation with friends, nibbling on tasty appetizers, sipping a refreshing beverage; these are the moments we crave most when we entertain in our homes.  More often than not these moments occur in the kitchen.   The host and hostess can enjoy their company and attend to food prep easily when a beverage center is provided for guests to help themselves.

This beverage center is not something you need every day, just when you entertain. Easy set up, easy storage and portability are key—I like to see that beverage center move to the dining room and even the living room as the evening progresses.  (A separate after dinner beverage center should be considered as well.)

Here are a few of my recent market favorites that will do the job handsomely:


These trays are from JM Piers and can be customized for your decor or interests.  They are a sturdy metal construction; the stand folds for easy storage.

“Leon” is natural iron and antique mirror, it is 37” high and skinny–just 18 x 12.  Think of all the places you could squeeze it in to.  The middle shelf allows for tall bottles, maybe even an ice bucket for beverages.  Extra glasses can go on the bottom shelf.  It is made by Arteriors.

This one is a classic: “Porto Tole Accent Table”.  It will fit many decor styles.  Note the tiny picture showing how it neatly folds for storage.  It is a brand new product by Chelsea House.

This “Oval Drink Table” by Woodbridge does not fold or roll. At 24” high and 14.25 x 25 in a light pine finish it will double as an end table.

The “Clover Mirrored Tray Table”  is just not Grandma’s style, your Mom’s either.  Put on your mini skirt and high heel boots, a sequin accented top and serve up something in a martini glass!  Another look from Chelsea House.


For more information or to purchase these products, contact Kathy@KathyCorbetInteriors.com

Kathy Corbet of Kathy Corbet Interiors in Richmond, Virginia creates beautiful, functional, and personal interiors that satisfy every aspect of her clients’ agenda and vision.  “We believe in the power of good design to transform the experience of daily life.”  Kathy blogs about design and can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.


One thought on “Entertaining in the Kitchen–The Portable Beverage Center”

  1. Great idea! I’ve always found that the key is to be able to reach the drinks from all sides. If people can stand all around the drink table then more people can make drinks at the same time , leading to less congestion and waiting. This also makes it easy for people to converse as they pour. For our holiday party this year, we had a sparkling wine theme (Kir Royales as well, of course). In the middle of a round table we put a picnic cooler covered in a festive table cloth. In went tons of ice and bottles of bubbly, wine flutes all around the cooler on the table. It acted like a centerpiece to the room and there was never much congestion but there was some mingling around that table. The best part: Everyone’s glasses stayed full all night!

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